Welcome to the official site of the Western Region of the National Black Law Students Association!

WRBLSA is comprised of chapters from the following states:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Message from the Regional Chair

Leslee Matthews
2016-2017 Western Regional Chair
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Aloha WRBLSA Ohana,

It gives me great joy to serve as Chair of the Western Region, National Black Law Students Association, NBLSA’s reigning Region of the Year, alongside the excellent officers of WRBLSA’s 2016-2017 Executive Board.

In October of 2015, I traveled over 2,500 miles from Honolulu to Las Vegas to attend my first WRBLSA event, the 2015 WRBLSA Academic Retreat. Upon gathering with the other attendees, I felt genuine sense of welcome and support by the WRBLSA Ohana. That feeling has never subsided. The friendships and connections by the excellent members, alumni and supporters of the Western Region has been a sheer and continuous blessing. The WRBLSA Executive Board is committed to working together to ensure each of you have invaluable experiences that each of us has acquired.

Our marvelous NBLSA Founder, Mr. Algernon “AJ” Cooper, and our wonderful NBLSA National Chair, Mr. Derick Dailey, have both set the tone for the upcoming year to accomplish great things as one NBLSA, with all of the NBLSA regions working towards one National theme, “Embracing Our Legacy: Pursuing Racial Justice and Lasting Social Impact.” Mr. Cooper encourages the members of NBLSA to remember the plight for social justice and equality in our roles as law students and legal professionals. We must continue to strive for academic excellence and professional success while being strong advocates from a wide variety of practice areas to strengthen the communities in which we live, learn, work and connect.

There are many excellent things in store for WRBLSA this year. We are thrilled to welcome Utah, New Mexico and Colorado to the Best Coast West Coast! WRBLSA will work to accomplish the National goals and theme through our Regional theme, West Excellence: Building On The Best To Foster A Legacy Of Strong Advocates and Communities For A Better Tomorrow, Today. WRBLSA’s goals for this year include: expanding social action and community engagement across the region, boosting member participation, and helping increase the pipeline of Black and minority students to and through law school.

Accomplishing these goals will help fulfill NBLSA’s mission of increasing the number of culturally responsible Black and minority attorneys who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. We invite each of you to be active participants in West Excellence over the 2016-2017 year and beyond! With each of you impacting change all across the Western Region, nation, and the world, we’ll embody the mission and vision Mr. Cooper purposefully crafted almost 50 years ago. Together all of NBLSA’s regions will achieve abundant success as one NBLSA, with one vision and one mission on our road to 50 years of service!


In WRBLSA Service,

Leslee Matthews, LMSW

2016-2017 Western Regional Chair

Region of the Year, National Black Law Students Association

William S. Richardson School of Law, 2018



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Each WRBLSA chapter MUST send the chapter president or vice president to the Chapter Leadership Retreat. Other members from the chapter are encouraged to attend. Register on Eventbrite.

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Please email western@nblsa.org and wrblsa.membership@nblsa.org with
1) the names of your chapter’s e-board,
2) the phone numbers of your chapter’s e-board, and
3) the email addresses of your chapter’s e-board

If you have questions about transitioning the new chapter leadership, please email the Western Regional Chair, Leslee Matthews, at western@nblsa.org.

We are happy to assist you in making as smooth a transition as possible for the new chapter executive leadership.

Become a part of the #WestExcellence Executive Board!!

“Great leaders create more leaders and this is what NBLSA needs from us”
~ AJ Cooper, NBLSA Founder

There are still positions open on the 2016-2017 Western Regional Executive Board! Download the application by going to http://tinyurl.com/wrblsaboa. There is a rolling deadline for all open Executive Board positions. Apply today! Contact the Western Regional Chair, Leslee Matthews, at western@nblsa.org with any questions.

“WRBLSA Events”

UCLA Law School
July 30, 2016

Chapter Leadership Retreat
Lake Tahoe
September 2-4, 2016
Registration is open:

Academic Retreat
Las Vegas, NV
October 7-8, 2016

Western Regional Convention
Seattle, Washington

January 4-8, 2017

“WRBLSA Social Action Advocacy”


A Message From WRBLSA’s
Attorney General Joanna Billingy
“Each of us are powerful. Each of us has the ability to make choices that do not negatively impact our community. Because of our individual power, I implore the Western Region to band together as a storehouse of power against hate crimes.”
(Free confidential crisis resources available in article)
#NotSilenced #NoSilence #commUNITY