Welcome to the official site of the Southwest Region of National Black Law Students Association (SWBLSA)!

SWBLSA is comprised of chapters from the following states:

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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SWBLSA 2016-17 Employer Packet 

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Message from the Regional Chair

Traci Gibson
Southwest Regional Chair
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Greetings, SWBLSA Family!

I am honored to serve as the Inaugural 2016-2017 Chair of the Southwest Region of the National Black Law Student Association! I bring you greetings from Houston, TX.

In 1968, our Founder, Mr. A.J. Cooper, responded to the need for continued educational encouragement, professional development and community enrichment for Black law students. This year, at the 48th Annual National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, we responded to the need for a more viable, geographic NBLSA structure that could effectively implement Mr. Cooper’s vision. In an unprecedented 3-part region change, the Rocky Mountain region was distributed, with Utah, Colorado and New Mexico relocated to the Western region and Montana & Wyoming relocated to the Midwest region. The remaining states of Texas & Oklahoma were then combined with 2 Southern region states, Arkansas & Louisiana, and the Southwest region of the National Black Law Students Association was formed!

This monumental change inspired this year’s SWBLSA theme “Revamping the Blueprint: Fostering a New Legacy.”  As we move into this new NBLSA year, retention and recruitment are a huge focus. We have a dedicated and hard-working team excited to progress SWBLSA academically, socially and professionally. A few of our goals are to revitalize our infrastructure, remind our members of the benefits and mission of NBLSA, and increase our membership, advocacy and service. We want to ensure that SWBLSA can assist you in your personal and professional development as members of the legal profession.

I am thrilled to serve all of you and meet you individually throughout the year. I plan to maintain consistent and transparent communication so that we can increase our participation at our various upcoming events including: Job Fair, Academic Retreat, pre-law mixers, alumni networking events, advocacy affairs, community service initiatives and much more! I especially look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans, LA, for the Inaugural Southwest Regional Convention on January 11-15, 2017!

It’s time to get excited! Let’s revitalize our presence in the community and on social media! Let’s get more student and chapter spotlights to highlight your successes! Let’s showcase more of the hard work you’re implementing at your local chapters! Let’s organize our service and programming in such a way that each chapter is a robust competitor at the regional and national levels! Furthermore, it’s only right that SWBLSA brings home Region of the Year! Let’s work diligently and assertively towards these common goals to enhance our new, wonderful region.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns that you have so that we can work cohesively to Foster our New Legacy!


In Service,

Traci A. Gibson

2016-2017 Inaugural SWBLSA Chair

University of Houston Law Center

E: southwest@nblsa.org C: (318) 4-SWBLSA