NBLSA response to police brutality

On September 30, 2016, The National Advocacy team put out a call to action to all of BLSA membership. The National Advocacy team asked each school to read a letter to their classmates and record themselves reading the letter, the letter was provided by NBLSA.
As promised, the National Advocacy team has complied a video with over a dozen schools that participated in the creation of the video. NBSLA wants to give a special thank you to the schools that were able to participate. If you did not get a chance to participate you can still contribute by sharing the video with your friends and family as we want the video to have a big impact.
NBLSA looks forward to working with all of the chapters in further advocacy efforts because there is much more work to be done.
The video can be viewed above. Please share the video on social media with the hashtag #BLSAAgainstBluetality

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