Your Membership


Greetings, NBLSA Family!

I am excited to serve as your 2015-2016 National Director of Membership. The Regional Directors of Membership and I are here to answer all of your questions, assist you in your membership experience through NBLSA, while making this an incredible year for each of you!

We hope to be able to do great work this year in continuing to strengthen and  Build a Better BLSA.” One of the most important factors in working towards this goal is our membership. With that in mind, one of my goals this year is to not only increase membership, but to ensure that members understand the value of their membership by taking full advantage of all that NBLSA has to offer. Also, as members move forward in their legal educations and careers, it is important that they are aware of the vast networking opportunities that you can take advantage of as a result of membership in NBLSA. Thus, my second goal is to ensure that members are aware of the network into which they are joining so that they can connect with their NBLSA family.

With all of the great opportunities and possibilities that NBLSA offers its members in mind, I invite you to join, or recommit yourself, to this great organization. This can be done by going to the NBLSA Membership website and paying your dues.

This year, all members must go to the NBLSA Membership Payment Page to pay their dues via debit or credit card. Base dues for this term will be $35 until November 1, 2015. An additional $15 late fee will be added after the November 1st deadline. For further information on the benefits that are available to you as a NBLSA member, please see the NBLSA Membership Guide.

If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please feel free to contact me at I am excited to see, and be a part of, the great things that NBLSA has to offer for the coming year. I hope you join us as we continue building the legacy of this great and illustrious organization!

In NBLSA Service,

Josephine Biemkpa
2015-2016 National Director of Membership
University of Virginia School of Law

Regional Directors of Membership

Aneesa Khan
University of Baltimore School of Law
MABLSA Regional Director of Membership

Brittney Littles
Case Western Reserve
MWBLSA Regional Director of Membership

Joy Gary
Touro Law School
NEBLSA Regional Director of Membership

Cha’Mira Keener
South Texas College of Law
RMBLSA Regional Director of Membership

Jasmin Morris
Mercer Law School
SRBLSA Regional Director of Membership

Woodlair Clervaud
Arizona Summit Law School
WRBLSA Regional Director of Membership