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DISCLAIMER: While the National Black Law Students Association, (“NBLSA”), is deeply committed to equal justice under the law, and many of our members have historically gone on to serve as important advocates for the rights of all people, we are prohibited from engaging in legal activities before becoming licensed attorneys. NBLSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of law students in the United States. NBLSA provides general information related to student membership, student activities, student advocacy, and student-supported programs. This website and its content are non-legal services made available by NBLSA, its partners, affiliates, and representatives.

NBLSA does not provide legal advice, legal support, legal research, legal representation and/or any other legal assistance of any kind. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or may be formed between you and NBLSA or any of its partners, affiliates, and representatives. NBLSA is not responsible for the activities of law schools at which our Chapters are represented. If you are in need of legal advice, legal support, legal representation, and/or any other legal assistance, we recommend you consult a lawyer in your area, your local bar association, or your local legal aid office.

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