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National Competitions

The Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition

FDMCC_PNGThe Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition (“FDMCC”) is the premier Black legal advocacy competition. This program facilitates and promotes academic excellence through brief writing, critical thinking, and oral advocacy. Each year, between 100-120 teams of Black law students have the opportunity to compete in oral advocacy competitions at the regional and national level, and connect with attorneys and judges.

The program was created to provide NBLSA members with an opportunity to enhance their brief writing and advocacy skills. NBLSA is dedicated to providing minority law students with the skills necessary to succeed in the legal profession.

 The Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial CompetitionTMMTC_PNG

In March of 2002, at NBLSA’s General Convention, the body voted to create a National Mock Trial Competition, in order to develop future lawyers with strong courtroom skills as they prepare for various components of a trial. Each year, hundreds of competitors compete on the regional levels in the hopes of ultimately becoming one of the top three teams in the Nation. To date, the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition (TMMTC) is one of the largest, most respected law school mock trial competitions in the country.


The Nelson Mandela International Negotiations Competition

nminc_The NBLSA Nelson Mandela International Negotiations Competition (NMNMINC) is the only non-litigation based competition offered by our organization. This competition provides members with a unique opportunity to develop useful negotiation skills while creating awareness of important global issues.

Each participant collaborates with a peer from their respective law school, forming a two person team. Teams will negotiate cross-border conflicts based on current issues affecting our global community. Students should expect exposure from varying negotiating styles, various ethical and social norms, and a broad spectrum of business issues, all coupled with the enhanced difficulties of cross-cultural communication.

 Judge Registration Form

For those attorneys volunteering to judge the National Moot Court (FDMCC), National Mock Trial (TMMTC), and National International Negotiations (INC) Competitions.

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