NBLSA Advocacy


The Five Point Plan

NBLSA implemented a five year advocacy strategy during the 2011-2012 which took effect during the 2012-2013 administration. Previously, the organization would choose new advocacy issues each year as chosen by each year’s new leadership. While great work was done, the organization would move to new issue after building a presence around an issue and partnerships with other organizations.

The Five Point Plan encompasses issues (Education, Elections & Voting, Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, and Rapid Response) which the organization is dedicated to advocating over the next five years. The structure gives the organization time to build a brand within a certain issue area, falls in line with the time take for legislative action on a bill, and allows us to truly build worthwhile partnerships with other organizations. Furthermore, it takes time to educate and train the membership on issues. With the consistency of this plan, members will be more aware of the issue areas during their law school career.

Within the Five Point Plan, the administration has put forth advocacy objectives to guide the organization during the 2014-15 term.

Please contact the Attorney General at ag@nblsa.org if you would like to be involved in this year’s initiative or for further information.


EDUCATION, including:
-Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline
-Affordability in Higher Education
-Diversity in Higher Education
-Increasing Number of African-Americans in Law School

ELECTIONS & VOTING, including:
-Fighting and/or Narrowing Voter ID Laws
-Election Protection
-Contributing to Dialogue on Reforming Election Processes
-Educating on Felon Disenfranchisement

Building Career Pathways for African-American Law Students
-Increasing Number of African-American Professors in Law School
-Increasing Number of NBLSA-approved Judicial Nominees

SOCIAL ACTION, including:
-Eliminating Stand Your Ground Laws
-Reducing Gun Violence
-Exposing and Overturning Institutionally-Imposed Inequality

National Advocacy Goals, 2013-2014

Accomplishing our national advocacy objectives is made possible my implementing concrete goals and metrics of successes.

  • Submit at least two amicus briefs in cases of national importance that affect the Black community, including at least one before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Foster stronger partnerships with Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL).
  • Successfully partner with a member of Congress for programming during CBC Annual Legislative Conference (CBC-ALC).
  • Conduct nationwide legislative outreach, including a Lobby Day to be simultaneously held in at least three state capitals and on Capitol Hill.
  • Produce at least two webinars aimed at encouraging Black law students to pursue careers in the judiciary.
  • Participate in regional hearings of American Bar Association’s National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws.
  • Continue involvement in voter protection efforts.
  • Encourage local and regional efforts aimed at ending the school-to-prison pipeline and increasing the student-to-professional pipeline.

 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference (CBC-ALC)

The goal of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is to “promote the public welfare through legislation designed to meet the needs of millions of neglected citizens.” Currently 43 members strong, the CBC holds an Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) which attracts over 12,000 business, industry, and community leaders to address social justice issues and solutions for those problems. The theme of this year’s ALC is “Inspiring Leaders | Building Generations.” NBLSA will be conducting numerous events is support of the ALC theme throughout the weekend including the Ninth Annual NBLSA CBC Reception. NBLSA’s theme for the year is “Enhancing The Dream”. In order to fulfill our credo, our programming will continue building upon the advances that have been made in education and equal justice over the years with the support of our sponsors, alumni and current law students.

This year’s CBC Weekend will take place in Washington, DC on Thursday, September 19, 2013 through Sunday September 22, 2013. Please stay tuned for further information!


NBLSA believes in the right to freedom of speech, however, some actions are disrespectful despite this right. It is abominable that in 2012, people do not respect our President in his capacity. Be cognizant and aware of those who feel derogatory statements are the way to express their racist views. Fight for justice and stand together with your local chapters to combat blatant racism even in the form of bumper stickers.